Christmas Shopping is over...

Yes, you read that right. Bob and I have successfully got everything needed for the boys Xmas last week. A computer and desk will be the winning combination this year. Plus by working at Radio Shack for all those years, Bob has hoards of kids' games to add to the hard drive and adorn the CD towers that will plank the monitor. We had a lovely time at IKEA picking out our desk. It took us forever trying to decide diminsions, etc. But we conquered the mass square footage of IKEA to our revenge!!! They will be spending the majority time in the living room with us, which is truly unnecessary until they discover the evils of chatrooms, blogs, Facebook, and MySpace.

The two hardest parts of the holidays are whether we're going to see the in-laws (still in Ohio) and what to do for Benjamin's birthday (January 2nd). We celebrated Christmas with Bob's dad May of this year to cover last year. The boys haven't seen Bob's mom since August 07. It's getting more and more difficult to celebrate knowing the secret of Xmas will be out before long. So far it hasn't surfaced this year, but it's coming...I can feel it.


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